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Mold Removal in Lumberton

When dealing with mold, it is crucial to eradicate it from your property immediately due to its ability to multiply quickly, create structural damage, and impact your health.

A Technician Before Conducting Mold Remediation Services

911 Restoration of Fayetteville is proud to offer the Lumberton community high-quality, mold remediation services for both residential and commercial properties. Our phone number is 910-889-8086.

The mold removal techs provide property owners with free visual mold inspections for property owners to make it as easy as possible for you to reach out to us even if you are unsure about the extent of the mold growing throughout your home or business.

Mold tends to live in areas of the property that are difficult to access, such as inside drywall, attics, air ducts, and crawlspaces. During the mold inspection, the technicians in Lumberton will check all these hard to reach places to ensure that every trace of the mold is discovered and promptly removed.

Due to all of our experience with mold remediation, we understand that water damage restoration is a major part of the process. Simply cleaning mold off the surfaces of your home isn’t enough to prevent future infestations from occurring, which is why we always repair any water damage that may be contributing to the problem.

By implementing these comprehensive restoration services, the mold experts are confident that they will get your property back to the clean, safe state you know and love. So, if you need mold remediation in Lumberton, call 911 Restoration of Fayetteville today at 910-889-8086.

Prompt Water Damage and Mold Cleanup Services

More often than not, where there is mold, there is also water damage. One does not usually come without the other, especially if the moisture has been left to sit for an extended period.


It does not take more than 24 hours for a mold colony to begin to grow, and if the conditions are consistently damp, warm, and dark, mold can flourish within a matter of days.

The water damage may be created by a leaky pipe under the sink, a water leak in the ceiling, or even a raw sewage spill, whatever the issue may be, you can count on the mold specialists to fix the problem.

The mold experts automatically check for water damage during the initial mold inspection because determining the source of the infestation is the only way to eradicate the colony and prevent future outbreaks completely.

Mold remediation requires experience, and the technicians at 911 Restoration of Fayetteville have been in the industry for decades. They have seen every type of mold infestation you can imagine and have been successful cleaning mold and water damage on every job.

Don’t let mold infest your life. Call 911 Restoration today at 910-889-8086 to get a comprehensive mold inspection in Lumberton today.

Professional Mold Remediation Experts

We all know how unsightly mold looks on your walls and ceiling, but many people are unaware of the health risks that also go along with having a mold infestation in your property.

Indoor mold can lead to poor air quality that can cause you and everyone else breathing the air to get sick, causing a wide range of symptoms from allergies to lung infections. The health risks created by mold depend on the species growing in your property, which are commonly one of five molds typically found indoors.

hazmat mold remediation water damage repair

Black mold is the most toxic of all the indoor molds, and it is, unfortunately, also one of the most common. It can affect your breathing, cause headaches, and even internal bleeding, making it crucial to eradicate immediately.

Aspergillus, Fusarium, Penicillium, and Cladosporium are some of the other molds that frequently grow inside homes and businesses. These species can also cause health issues and spread quickly, making it necessary to reach out for immediate mold remediation services.

Since it is not possible for property owners to visually determine what type of mold infestation they are dealing with, the best way to stay safe and healthy is by reaching out for professional help.

The mold experts at 911 Restoration of Fayetteville at 910-889-8086 will take samples of the mold and send it to a third-party laboratory to be tested for its potency. So, call us as soon as you notice signs of mold growth in your property and let us give you the Fresh Start you deserve.

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